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   Anographics has been working for over 30 years developing
the process of multi coloring anodized aluminum. The fin-
ishes acheived have been featured in numerous publications,
most notably, Metal Finishing magazine, where we have been
on the cover with the lead article 3 times. Another mile-
stone was multi color anodizing a number of aluminum guit-
ars for Fender Guitars, two which recently sold for close
to $40,000.00, each.

   This site is dedicated to educate the public and artists
alike to the many beautiful possibilities of this modern
art medium. This is a medium of the future, not to replace
older art forms but to enhance an artists palette. It's so
futuristic that we recently did a six color serigraph for
NASA/Ames on the Mars Rover. They needed a finish that would
not flake or peel and chose Anographics as their choice.
We expect that if there is art in space it will be the
Anographics process that will be used. It costs around
$50,000.00 dollars a pound to send some thing into space,
Anographics can be incorporated into the existing
structure, being that it is made out of aluminum.

We would like to work with any one interested in
Anographics, artists, galleries, architects, collectors,
museums, designers, etc Please view the pictures and
videos and contact us with any questions you might have.


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